3 Ways to Design a Perfect Website

Are you eager to publish a website? All you need to know about it, told in simple words. Find the way that suits you most!

Publishing a website is a task nearly every successful person needs to perform nowadays. You may have a business and want to have an online place for it; you may want other people to know your ideas and thoughts through a blog or you want to start an online vendor or enterprise – in any case website is the cornerstone.

In contrast to the past, creating a site nowadays is rather an entertaining creative task. Still, to create the site worthy to be remembered and visited, there are some must-do actions you need to pay attention to. However, this task is not as easy as it seems and includes a rather long course of actions. This article will give you a short guide and provide some options. The choice is up to you!

First of all, I advise you to read our previous article on the topic to know what the website actually is. Otherwise, let’s assume you already have a domain, pointed to a hosting package and now design is the matter.

Website design can be created in several ways:

  • It can be written in PHP or other script tools by you or by hired professionals.
  • It can be created using pre-made templates from website-building companies.
  • It can be created in friendly environment of free CMS like WordPress.

Way 1: Coding

The first option is using PHP or any other coding tool yourself or hiring professionals to do that. What are the pros?

  • Website design will be unique.

  • Coding tools allow creating scripts of any complexity, resulting in creation of unique interface for your website.

  • It allows performing SEO optimization during the process of design, so your website will be better responding to search engines and will be rated better as a result.

What are the cons then?

  • This approach involves many hours of coding or paying a big sum of money to skilled web developers for doing that.

  • Someone needs to support the website and make changes. If you hire a web developer to create a website, you will need to contact him every time you need any update.

Way 2 : Website Builders

The second option is creating your website interface through the pre-made templates provided by website builders. This way you will get a convenient tool kit allowing you creating your website.

The pros are:

  • Templates are easy to use and relatively cheap; you can do everything yourself.

  • Interface will consist of common and standard templates, but it is up to you to place them unusually, name them differently and decorate them as you wish to get a website design of your choice.

The cons, however, are:

  • You will have to pay on a regular basis to these website building companies to allow your website interface functioning.

  • Usually no SEO is included and it should be ordered separately. However, some site-builders provide basic SEO services with their tools.

Way 3: Do it  yourself with a CMS

The third way is using a CMS – Content Management System like WordPress or Joomla. This gives you the cheapest and the easiest way of actions possible. Basic kit comes free and provides great functionality. However new paid plugins, add-ons and templates enriching the experience are added regularly, so you can pay a little money to get a bright, useful and convenient interface both for your website visitors and you.

What are pros?

  • You have a pre-set website or blog template.

  • You have detailed instructions upon installation and setup.

  • The process of publishing overall takes from several minutes to a couple of hours.

  • You are able to manage the content at once.

What are cons after all?

  • Hosting package is needed.

  • Setup is a bit more complicated than for online template tool kits. For example, instructions for publishing a WordPress website with us are here.

This choice also does include SEO, meaning you will not have to order it separately to promote your website. In addition, multiple solutions are offered by many companies. We would recommend our partners, WebCEO, who have both free and paid solutions.

As you see, each way has its benefits and flaws, so the choice is always up to you!

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