A Farewell to Spam Folders

Internet opens doors to vast opportunities but not all of them are so desirable. Spam is an up-to-date topic that doesn’t hurt but may be irritating at times both for those ones who get it and for the ones whose letters go to spam folders.

Spam emailBut it is always useful to look at the situation from both sides for making the right conclusion. There are many articles about different ways of avoiding spam and less of them explain how to protect emails that end up in “undesired” folders. Solution is already found – just follow the instructions.

Outwatch the Content

Before “Send” button is pressed, the text of the message should be double checked. The main point checks are the following:

  • Be careful with CAPS. If it is impossible to avoid using any, get sure that only one word is written in capitals instead of a whole sentence. It is a “big no no” to use words in capital letters for the email subject.
  • Overloading text with exclamation marks is risky and puts such emails in danger to be considered a spam.
  • The content itself is extremely important because deliverability directly depends on it. Numerous lists of Spam Words are available to access all over the Internet. The most commonly “dangerous” words are:    buy, free, offer, order, stop, sale, billion, win, etc. Or some more detailed information can be found on the list of Email Spam Trigger Words.
  • Never ever use the same phrase for the subject of the email and for the text of the message itself.

Images: To Be or Not to Be

To keep from sending pictures in the emails means to protect yourself from finding all sent items flagged as spam. When it is obligatory to attach an image, take care of a few steps minimizing unwelcomed results:

  • Don’t leave a subject line empty. But keep in mind that it should be as short as possible.
  • Using some graphics be sure of using some text as well. Each email with a picture pasted in it should mainly consist of text.
  • HTML should be used correctly and text version should be included both to exclude any possibility of finding sent emails in spam folders. Additionally, it will make you sure that your clients get all the information in case HTML files cannot be read from their side.
  • Optimization of an image is required in such cases to make the size of your email reduced. It is one of critical moments to prevent your emails from being considered SPAM. You can do it with the help of this online tool.

How to Get into White List?

Being White Listed means to have more guarantees that your emails get Inbox folders of the recipients:

  • There is nothing easier than simply to ask your clients in a welcome letter to add you to their contacts.
  • Email Marketing Service should be reliable. Using free providers of mailboxes isn’t prestigious, especially for big companies.

Does It Hurt to Send Emails to Everyone?

spam shoesMonitor the list of email addresses you have:

  • It is highly advised to use only sufficient opt-in that allows sending messages to the clients who made a request for getting them about some certain products or services. Sending emails to the addresses that are not used by anyone is suspicious.
  • Refuse email brokers services who are always ready to provide the contacts collected in advance.
  • Be sure of deleting inactive contacts to save the reputation.

Final Steps to Success

As soon as all the previous points are completed, some more time will take:

  • Checking if your domain name is spammed and blacklisted: SURBL Lookup and Spamhaus Domain Blocklist are the most reliable.
  • Setting of a technical part for your email address that is as essential as all the previous statements all together. This step is required to complete verification that helps the receiving server to understand that you are a reliable sender. You only need to Enable DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) in cPanel to which you get access together with the purchase of any hosting service.

Following all the instructions from above, it will take some time from the moment of writing an email and till the moment it is going to be sent. Hopefully, these steps will assist you with raising your reputation and deliverability to keep your valued clients and to attract more new ones. It’s easy to make the right choice!

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