Advantages of Domain Name Auto Renewal

Domain registrants often do not know all the peculiarities of registration process and sometimes have unpleasant experience when their websites along with email services become unreachable. Why domains must be renewed and how auto renewal makes this process easier will be explained in this article.

Domain ownership: registration does not mean purchase

Domains are virtual records, strings of text, stored in worldwide database. They do not exist before registration and are deleted if not paid for. Therefore, domain ownership means registering the available name and owning it while paying for it, not purchasing the name forever. To continue owning the name after the registration period ends, you must pay for renewal. This can be done in two ways:

  • manual renewal by ordering more years or payment of renewal invoice;

  • auto renewal on expiration date.

Manual renewal and renewal invoice payment

When you pay for domain registration, you do it for certain amount of years from 1 to 10. The most common registration period is one year after which the domain name should be renewed; otherwise it will be deleted after expiration.

Domain expired

You can manually prolong your registration any time by ordering additional years. This can be done from your account. In system it is done according to this guide.

Neither domain Registrar company nor domain owners (Registrants) are interested in domain expiration without notice. That is why some time prior to domain expiration (14 days in our system) renewal invoice is generated and notification is sent to email associated with your account. Therefore, this email should be a really existing email address.

Remembering the approximate date of registration is also important as it allows you to be prepared for oncoming renewal and check your inbox for domain renewal invoice. Feel free to pay this invoice any time to prolong your domain name registration for the same period.

Auto renewal on expiration date

Many Registrar companies offer auto renewal feature, though some call it some other way. They may state this as Domain Expiration Protection or something else and even request payment for it (equivalent to renewal price, so that you just pay for renewal beforehand).

This domain feature is free with us and is switched on and off easily. It is enabled by default for customer’s convenience but can be switched off during the domain name registration procedure or any time later.

Auto-renewal means that Registrar company will try to automatically charge the source of payment for renewal 1 day prior to expiration date. DomainName, Inc. accepts payments with Visa/MasterCard credit/debit cards and PayPal, which means our system will try to process the payment from the last stored billing details. If your billing details are valid, payment goes smoothly and you receive notification email afterwards.

PayPal payments should be processed manually though, as each transaction is unique.

Advantages of auto renewal

Auto renewal has such benefits:

  • as long as your credit card details on file are valid, you do not have to worry about domain expiration

  • you are not pinned to renewal date and can be out of office; your website and business are safe

  • no manual actions are needed, all is done automatically

In case domain auto renewal is disabled and you want to switch it on, feel free to do it any time convenient. Just sign into your account with us and go to Domains > My Domains section. There tick the box to the left of the domain in question and click the Auto Renewal button. Choose to Enable the Auto Renewal to stay on the safe side.

Domain not renewed

We strongly recommend you to have the Auto Renewal feature switched on and your credit card details valid and up to date. This way you will never have your domain expired and website down.

Should you have any questions or feedback, we are always open for a discussion! Subscribe to stay tuned on our latest news and offers!

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  • Tim Austin

    Domain name renewal system is very useful and important for those people that might forget to renew their domain name. Or some technical errors may occur during domain name renewal.

    • Tarnman

      Thank you Tim for your interest to this topic, we fully agree with your point. Domain name auto renewal is a very useful feature we provide for free. Should you have any more questions or comments. feel free to post these, we are always open for discussion.

  • David L. Schiavone

    Its good to hear about the auto renewal option. Normally people won’t understand its value. Once I forgot to renew a news site domain. I worked hard on it and it got a PR 1 after 1 year of registration. In the second year i forgot to renew it on time and the domain was expired. It’s nice to know that your domain registration service company is providing auto renewal option.

    • Tarnman

      Thanks for your kind words. We are proud to be a reputable and reliable partner for our clients, providing all services in a timely and efficient manner.

    • Justin Solo

      Yea I once worked for a year building an ecommerce store and had the domain run out, now the comapny that bought it is holding it unless I give them $2500!

  • Frozen Lemons

    I agree with your ideas. It’s really important that domain names are
    properly renewed to avoid any future hassles or difficulties. If you forget to renew it, anyone can purchase it. And this will hit your business badly.