Domain Registrar: 4 tips on choosing the right one

Domain registration…It can become a start of your profitable website or a beginning of your worst nightmare. This article will help you to get the former, not the latter.

First of all, let’s refresh some basics. ICANN is the Internet-overseeing authority, which regulates all Internet interactions and processes. It delegates certain companies, the Registries, the right to sell certain .TLDs.

For example, only Verisign, Inc may sell .com domains, which are in the highest demand. However, dealing directly with Verisign is impossible, as they don’t deal with retail customers. The only case in which a customer may contact the Registry is buying a premium domain (1,2,3-digit long name like, but these cost a ton of money each.


Thus said, there is a need for a contractor between the Registry and the future domain owner – the Registrant. Such contractors exist and are called Registrars, like There is a plethora of such companies on the market and each Registrar offers a different pricing policy, terms of agreement and modus operandi. Therefore, choosing the right company to register your domain with may be the key to your success. Let’s take a closer look?

The main things to look at while choosing a Registrar

  • ICANN-accredited registrar company or affiliated  reseller

  • Full domain control

  • Convenient user interface and sufficient knowledgebase

  • Reliable and efficient customer service

You can name a dozen more, including adequate pricing, quantity of free and paid additional features, domain parking policy, presence of both domain and hosting packages within one company, and so on.

However, domain and hosting fees are nothing compared to SEO costs you may have if you want your website to be at least noticeable, not to say popular. Other features are not important if you cannot fully control your domain, so I consider the ones above crucial.

Do not agree with the list? Feel free to post your comments, we are always ready for discussion!

ICANN-accredited registrar company or affiliated  reseller

This is by far the most important proof of validity and reliability of the registrar company. The full domain name registrar list  is available here. Each company claiming to be ICANN-accredited is in it. But what does this mean?

This actually means this company complies with ICANN rules and regulatory policies. This means you will not be fooled, you will not lose your domain because of the registrar’s fault, you will be treated with respect.

When some company decides to become a domain name registrar it spends some money and time to be registered by ICANN. Becoming ICANN-accredited costs even more time, money and efforts to a company and losing this title because of customer’s complaints is quite possible. That is why being ICANN-accredited is a pledge of honor every registrar company values a lot and will not risk losing by failing you.

DomainName, Inc. is ICANN-accredited , which means we are reliable, caring and efficient domain registration and hosting provider company.

Full domain control

This is quite a delicate matter, actually. Some companies may tell you details you state in WHOIS database are not important. However, they are very important, as many domain-related operations like renewal and transfer can be done only by the person listed as domain registrant, administrative, billing and technical contact.

Therefore, make sure your valid details are stated in WHOIS, not company’s. If you want your details to be hidden from public, you can simply enable WHOIS Privacy feature (we provide it for free). Of course, reliable registrars never trick their clients that way, so receiving answer to this question shows you the state of events at once.

Convenient user interface and sufficient knowledgebase

This may not seem too important at the first glance, but it actually makes the difference between frustration and satisfaction. Being unable to locate your DNS settings area for hours while in urgent need of changing IP address for your website can be horrifying.


Therefore, before actually creating an account or ordering your domain transfer, just take a tour around the homepage and try to answer several easy questions:

  1. Were you able to find the login area, the support request area, the knowledgebase area within short time?

  2. Was browsing through accessible website sections simple and clear for you?

  3. Were you able to find all pricing lists at once? Were their explanations clear and understandable?

  4. Did the knowledgebase contain guides and explanations on the topics you wanted to know? Were there any video manuals or screenshots?

Answering these questions will not take you more than 5-10 minutes and will give you an overall impression about this registrar’s website interface convenience and efficacy.

Reliable and efficient customer support service or its absence

There are many situations in which a customer may require support. This should be provided at once per your request and in more than one possible way. Chats, emails and phone support are vital for providing you with reliable and efficient customer support 24/7.

customer service

However, please understand domain infrastructure is not like standard phone sales, where voice modulation is vital for the seller and details can be discussed later. Having to spell your domain name letter by letter, waiting for several minutes while operator is checking something and being pinned to the phone meanwhile, listening to the instructions again and again… Believe me, phone support is by far not the most convenient feature for domain registrars.

On the other hand, in live chats or email conversations you receive clear written instructions, often with screenshots and you can always correct typos and misspelled letters with ease. You can leave the keyboard and go make some tea or coffee – and support representative’s reply will be waiting for you when you will be back.

Chats and emails are by far more convenient both for customers and supporters, that is why we use them to provide timely 24/7 support accessible from our homepage and from any section of

DomainName, Inc. is ICANN-accredited international domain registrar company that offers both domain registration and hosting packages along with full domain control to its customers. We have convenient interface and detailed guides filled with screenshots on all aspects of our services collected in our knowledgebase. We are eager to assist you 24/7 and answer all questions that may arise.

Register your domain with us to stay on the safe and convenient side!

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