How to get a registered domain

Domain you want is not available? 3 ways to deal with this common situation are depicted below.

Competition among .com domain names is quite tense. As each domain name is unique, you may face the situation when the one you want is taken. It’s not the reason to become upset though as you have 3 ways to deal with this situation. Let us take a closer look!

Domain Unavailable? Not forever!

First of all, domains are not bought forever. They are registered by their Registrants for some periods of time (from 1 to 10 years) and should be renewed after this period ends. However, .com is not the only extension on the market and here are the possibilities to obtain the name you want:

  • purchasing the name from current owner

  • backordering the name

  • registering the name with another .TLD (extension)

Purchasing the name from current owner

Each domain requires stating valid details (administrative email in particular) in Whois database during registration. You can find this email address using our Whois Lookup tool . Feel free to use this data to contact the current domain owner, but keep in mind that domain price may be very high.

Backordering the name

Domains are not deleted at once after expiration to give the owner a chance to renew the domain even if they failed to do that on time. However, in 65-85 days after expiration date domain enters the deletion phase and cannot be renewed anymore.

At this time backordering becomes reasonable. You can place the backorder earlier, but owner may choose to renew the name on the last day and backordering will be of no use.

Companies like our partner,, offer you a good opportunity to capture the name once it is deleted and register it for you at once though they cannot guarantee success and will return your money in case of failure.

Registering the name with another .TLD

This can be the best solution as .com is by far not the only one .TLD on the market and the name you want may have many other extensions available. While people often think websites ending not with .com will not have a chance to succeed, they are actually wrong.

Domain extension does not have big influence on website popularity because many popular websites bear .net, .org, .info, and other extensions.

As main deal of increasing website popularity goes to SEO promotion, extension does not really matter much.

For example, there are .tv, .cc and .ws domains. These TLDs are relatively new and a plenty of sound names is still available with them. Feel free to register the domain name you want with any extension available.

As you can see, even if domain name you want is already registered, there are still some possibilities to obtain it. Choose the variant fitting you most and go for it! Catch the domain name of your dream and lead it to success!

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    I must say that no matter what TLD is chosen, SEO promotion will play the biggest role in websites popularity.