New TLDs Are Coming. What to expect?

While many people are eager to register their .com domains, some know new TLDs bring new possibilities. We will tell you what the new TLDs thing is all about.

We are living in a world of constant changes, a world of new solutions, a world of unlimited possibilities. You may have a bright idea, register a .com or .net or .us name for it and make it big with time and efforts. There is nearly nothing impossible. However, traditional .TLDs are running out of good domain names, because of the pricing peculiarities:

  • 1,2 or 3 digit names cost quite a sum

  • nearly all 4 and 5 digit combinations are taken

  • 6+ digit available names are hard to find

  • 10+ digit names are often considered to be too long and non-perspective

search for new TLDs

This is the reason for constant pressing on ICANN (Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers, the nonprofit organization that oversees the use of Internet domains) from all registrars and Internet users worldwide to implement the new TLDs. In case you do not know, gTLD is the short name for generic Top Level Domain, one of the highest grades in Internet domain hierarchy (.com, .net, .info, .org, .biz and a bunch of others). Alongside exist the ccTLDs – Country Code TLDs like .UK for the United Kingdom, .DE for Germany (Deutschland) or .ca for Canada, .Ru for Russia, .me for Montenegro and so on.

The reason for the implementation of new TLDs is the constantly growing request for bright names, lack of these yet available and overall chaos and anarchy in naming throughout the Internet. What do I mean? Can you tell by the name what website all about is? It is grumpy, yes, but it will be as grumpy being .net or .info or .ca, whatever. In addition, when you search the domain name you want, it is most likely taken.

What Is It Going to Look Like?

Now, try to tell by the name what Best.Films website will be all about? Or Drink.Beer? Or Funniest.LOL? It is not so complicated, is it? Imagine also contacting your bank in 3 years by Invoices.FRBNY (the Federal Reserve Bank of New York) or writing your friend to Edward@Jones.GMAIL.

successful new TLD registration

 This opens an immense field of actions, a vast area of opportunities that may revolutionize the Internet industry. ICANN is approving these in batches of 400-500 annually, and the best company applying to register the new TLD automatically becomes its registrar. Evaluation is done by a multitude of factors, so making everything slowly but correctly is better than making everything fast but with mistakes.

 Here is the example of successful .party gTLD registration. Oriental Trading Company, Inc. is now the sole owner of this new gTLD. It will charge all others for registering names under this TLD.

For example, .XXX domains are already available. They are intended for adult movies, pictures and chat sites and cost nearly 10 times more than standard .com domain with different registrars. This is not even the limit, as .BANK or .BEER domains may cost up to 100 times more as compared to .com in the future.

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