Onepager is a perfect sitebuilder for startups and personal websites

Having your own website is very popular today. We will show you a cheap, fast, and easy way to create bright and efficient one page website.

Why would I need a website?

Personal website is your online presence. It allows visitors knowing about you or your business, contacting you with offers and ordering the products or services that you provide. It is your ever-present online cutaway, working to promote your business 24/7. This is why having a website is so popular among individuals and is absolutely vital for companies.

Onepager Webiste Builder

Creating a website is actually a complicated process which is described in more details in this article.  It usually involves ordering services of professional developers, purchasing hosting packages with included websites or pointing your domain to a page with website builder company. All of these solutions include substantial investments for initial design and ongoing maintenance, not to mention costly SEO services.

Most people do not want spending that much money, but they have to, as they think there is no other way. However, there is an easy, cheap, and efficient solution allowing creating your website with your very own hands. It is called Onepager and we are proud to announce that we started providing it.

What Onepager is

Onepager is a website builder tool that uses templates and allows a plenitude of things like:

  • publishing your personal or company contact details, images and URLs
  • writing descriptions of your business and lists of your products
  • contact forms that allow customers to send you emails
  • creating RSS-feeds or newsletters
  • enabling PayPal checkout for your product
  • enabling Google Analytics, etc.

Onepager is SEO friendly

Layout designs and themes are multiple and changed easily. You can upload photos and images from local hard drive or from the Internet. Setting up your own website takes a couple of hours at max, as well as monthly maintenance. You can also easily update the website if need be and updates will be visible nearly at once. You can monitor your website promotion progress real time with convenient Google analytics module.

Ordering Onepager will not take you more than 5 minutes; just follow this link and feel free to submit your order. More great news: use OnepagerPromo coupon to receive $4.95 discount for Onepager with any domain registration or transfer.

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