What Do the New TLDs Mean For Us?

The most important things you should know on the implementation of new TLDs into the domain industry. We will show you the user benefits this brings.

Frankly, the implementation of new TLDs means nearly nothing and almost everything at the same time. In case you are a regular Internet user, rest assured your dear Facebook.com, 9gag.com, Twitter.com and Imgur.com will be there (unless their owners decide to move for new TLDs and become simply FACEBOOK, 9GAG, TWITTER, IMGUR correspondingly); and even in that case you will have no problems accessing them.

Internet will simply become even more convenient for you, that’s all. However, in case you are connected to domain industry, your heart should beat as loud as mine. ICANN application approved


Why so? What is the reason for implementing the new TLDs after all? This is done due to a multitude of reasons, actually. The main one, however, is that the absolute majority of bright, sound and worthy names are taken. New generation of young, determined and bright personalities lacks possibilities of expressing themselves through the means of Internet.

All social networks and blogs are actually nothing more than an attempt to fill this increasing vacuum of sound names and the demand for available names grows exponentially.

Having a blog on some resource may be nice, but having it on .BLOG name would be much better!

Of course, implementation of new TLDs will not result in traditional names being available again or being neglected. The field of possible domain name registration, however, will increase drastically, as nearly any word may become TLD. The best part is already mentioned before – if you are the best applicant to register the new TLD with ICANN, you will automatically become its registrar and all ongoing registrants will have to PAY YOU MONEY for their names. Can you imagine the sum of money Budweiser will be willing to pay for BUD.BEER domain name?

I hardly can…

How Can It Be Done?

In order to register a new TLD you should place an order to ICANN and pay fee for that order registration – $5000 at the moment. The process of validation takes several months, as their employees will have to ensure you do not infringe anyone’s copyright and no one else placed order for that TLD prior to you.

Additional expenses may emerge in the process, so companies have a huge advantage before individuals, but if you can afford spending several hundreds thousand dollars to catch a dream – your potential income may be in millions. Here is the list of already applied for TLDs. If you have a bright one on your mind, it is not taken yet and your funds are sufficient for application, do not hesitate!Domain registration with new TLD

For example, feel free to watch the interview with our co-owner, Richard Lau. He tells the story of his success with many interesting thoughts and facts. For example, way back in 1994 he registered a portfolio of .com domains for nearly $50 each, when they were not as popular as now. It was expensive then; it is extremely expensive now, when .com domains cost around $9.

However, Microsoft Corporation purchased several of these names from him for nearly $10000, which was the start of his domain name investor career.  Now, in less than 20 years he is an owner of several companies and a reputable member of many committees and boards in domain industry.

If he succeeded, why not trying yourself? Registering a sound name with new TLD and re-selling it afterwards with a huge benefit can be quite a profitable business. What is the best part of it – if 95% of short and sound .com names are taken, 99% of short and sound names with new TLDs are available for registration. If you are able to think over and register a bunch of bright names – you are a future millionaire!

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