What is Email Address? 3 main types available

Having an email became synonymous to having a name. Choosing the right one and the most convenient for you is described in this article.

Generally, personal email is an virtual mailbox, allowing you to send and receive electronic mail. Nowadays, in the era of Internet and social networks, online presence is required for a company or individual nearly as much as official government-issued ID. Paying for products or services online, registering in social networks, contacting possible business partners and your friends via Internet is only possible if you have a valid email address, so it is a cornerstone of your online entity.


Mostly, valid email address looks like JohnGreen@domain.tld , where JohnGreen is a local-part, @ is a separation sign and domain.tld is the domain part of the name (like gmail.com or yahoo.com or Domainname.com). Due to vast growth of Internet industry in Asia and worldwide attempt of equation of all languages, email addresses like Ваня@мойдомен.ру or 甲斐@黒川.日本 are being implemented, though current generation of mailservers mostly cannot operate them.

What are the main types of email address?

There are actually three most common ways to establish a valid email address:

·         getting one from free provider like Gmail.com or Hotmail.com

·         creating a virtual mailbox, or email forwarding feature

·         creating a personal domain email with your domain.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

1.       Creating a live email account with mail provider like Gmail.com

It is free of charge, it is done in minutes, and it is easy in setting up and management. However, there are several huge drawbacks in this decision.

·         most of free providers have little to none spam protection

·         having a free email is often considered as not being serious in business. Who are you if you cannot afford a personal domain email account?

·         as many users have passwords for their free email addresses matching their social network profiles’ passwords, such email accounts are often hacked and become parts of the botnets, which is explained in more details in this article.

However, such live email accounts work well enough for an individual aiming only to interact with his friends and register in different Internet communities.

2.       Creating a virtual mailbox or email forwarding

Being available only after domain registration, email forwarding is a feature generally available free of charge, though some companies charge for it (we do not). It creates a re-routing script, allowing all incoming email to be forwarded to another mailbox.

For example, all emails incoming to JohnDoe@example.tld can be forwarded to any custom email address like JohnDoe@gmail.com or JDmail@hotmail.com. There can be a plenty of such forwarders, which can be useful if one needs to notify several employees at once when their company inbox is updated.


The biggest drawback there is inability to respond from that email address, as it has no actual email account under it and works only one way. However, free email forwarding is in high demand and proved its usefulness.Using this domain feature is impossible without having a custom email address to forward your email to.

3.       Creating a personal email account with your domain

Whoever going to publish a website needs a hosting package alongside with domain registration. Hosting packages do not only provide hard disk drive space, server core resources, traffic bandwidth and management tools, most of them also enable email service functionality.

This service includes spam protection, email accounts creation and management, creating email forwarding to other email accounts, tracking logs and multiple other useful features. Many services like Google Apps require you to verify email address, which is done much easier when you have full control over it.

Having a professional email address under your domain looks much more reliable than a custom email address issued by a free provider. It adds a lot of trust and significance to your business offers as it shows you as a reliable partner, not a spammer.

Is it time to change email address to another type?

When you realize you need more than a live email account and decide to change email address to another type, you will face some expenses. Either domain registration providing you with free email forwarding or purchasing a hosting package to publish a website cost some money. However, solidity, trust and significance you gain from owning a personal email are well worth the expenses.

Domainname.com offers both free email forwarding and paid hosting solutions.  Our Email Hosting Package provides both a reliable spam protection and a decent amount of space and bandwidth to meet all customer’s needs and expectations. Larger hosting packages include email service by default and you also have the possibility to publish a fully functional website.

Feel free to contact us via Live Support chats or by email should you need more explanations, our 24/7 support is always ready to assist you. Subscribe to stay tuned to our news and offers!


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