What is Hosting? Why do I need it?

Whoever going to build a website or have a personal email with domain name needs a hosting package. Learn what it is and how to choose a package fitting you best.


The first and main goal of hosting package is enabling website functionality. Website consists of several things:

  • domain name (the name you type in browser address bar, like DomainName.com)

  • interface (the page or pages you see after opening that website)

  • website itself, its content (texts, photos, links, buttons, contacts, etc. supplied by a special service – hosting package)

This package stores content, provides traffic for accessing it, control panel for management, security tools, ability of hosting domain names for further usage and a plethora of other possibilities.Scheme of server and user connection

Hosting is a standalone service, which should be paid for annually or monthly. One may publish a website from home computer to save money, but this requires the hardware to be quite potent and it has to be operational 24/7.

The best option still is purchasing a hosting package from a reliable provider to avoid multiple inconveniences and complicated setup process, as you receive the product ready for immediate use.

Connecting domain names and hosting

Domain names and hosting packages should be connected to each other in order to publish a website. In most cases it is done by special records like A record (IP) or CNAME record, which will be explained in another article. Some companies offer nameservers change, making your setup much easier.

Please note that domain is not transferred in this case, it remains in the same place and is simply managed from your hosting control panel (domain name email forwarders and email accounts are created from it, etc.)

The main part about purchasing hosting package, able to hold several domain names is ordering it from a reliable company. Unfortunately, many companies require their clients to transfer domains to them in order to use their services. They gain control  of domain during the transfer process and an unaware customer may lose his domain.

By ordering domain and hosting package from one provider you avoid this possibility and if the company of your choice is a truly reliable one, you can rest assured your website and email are safe.

Another convenience is that your domain and hosting package will reside in one account, making management easier and more convenient. Solving possible issues and dealing with needed updates is also much more convenient when it is done by one customer support representative and at once.

Domain name and email functionality

The second most popular usage of hosting packages is to maintain email services. If John Doe, the president of SuperbGolfClubs Company uses john@superbgolfclubs.com email, it looks much more reliable than using johndoe@gmail.com (all names and emails are fictional and mentioned only for example). There are 2 possible solutions for domain name email creation – simple forwarding or using hosting package.Emails sent from personal computer

Simple Email forwarding creates a virtual mailbox, resending all incoming mail to your real one and unable of sending outgoing emails. This domain feature usually comes free; though some companies charge for it (we are not one of them, setting up email forwarding with us is simple and convenient).

Hosting package, on the other hand, allows using fully functional email service with multiple email accounts (quantity depends on hosting plan). It includes spam protection, sending duplicates of incoming emails to your other mailboxes and other important features, ensuring safety and efficacy of the service.

 Feel free to contact us should you need additional clarification, we are always here to assist you!

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