Why Should I Register A Domain Name?

Why is it that important to own a domain? I want to rephrase this question to “What needs domain registration serves for?” Let’s take a look?

The need for space

It is no secret, that human lives are being intensively copied into the cyberspace. In fact, we live in the Internet as seriously, as we do in the physical world. And that side of our lives must of happen within some space as well. For instance, those spaces are social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Of course, living outside of those Internet spaces is hardly imaginable today, and I won’t agitate for that. But what about your own Internet space? Having registered a domain, you get the address of your own space, named and managed the way you decide. In other words, domain registration serves fuller expression of yourself, your ideas and your business in the Internet world.

For respect

 The image of physical domain To understand the nature of such thing as domain name better, it is interesting to discover what the word domain means. As you can easily find in the most authoritative source of definitions Wikipedia, term domain is applied to a bunch of spheres – from Administration to Nature sciences. But we will refer to its most common, non-tech meaning as the territory. In the past, saying domain people in 90% of cases understood it as a large and self-sufficient household, placed on its own territory, i.e. something more than just a house. Owning a whole domain was respectful, but affordable only to the rich and powerful. But unlike the earth conditions, the today’s Internet reality has unlimited “territory” to be divided into domains. And unlike the past – their purchase require far less price. The only restriction to own a domain in the Internet is the name uniqueness. So, in the world, where having your own domain costs only the slight creativity strain, and a couple of hamburgers in price – why “share house” with others? It is quite logical that such an approach to your business or to your personal Internet presentation would gain less respect…

For freedom

If your Internet lifespace is subordinated to some prior domain, you inevitably have to obey the restrictions set on it. And you yourself design the order of your virtual life, if it concerns your own Internet domain. No matter – on your own, or with the help of user-friendly site-builders. You are not subordinate to any other Internet resource, and thus – you are protected from others’ “unscheduled technical maintenances”, hacker attacks and so on.

In sum, owning domain means more freedom and safety.

For recognition

Another reason to own a domain is simply to be better remembered and recognized. As everything that exists in our consciousness is named somehow. Obviously, it is much simpler to remember your or your company Internet address if it looks not like a long stripe with multiple dashes, but a single domain name. I think you would easily agree that “http://yourcompany.com” looks many times better than “http://yellowpages.com/yourcompany”

To end this story, domain registration is the step you begin your serious “Internet body” building with. Yes, having created a blog with Blogspot, or designed your site with Weebly or even created a store with Shopify, you get that blog, or webpage, or the store. But ask yourself whether you will have the feeling of that you really own it, if it doesn’t have its own address? Personally I doubt you will. More and more people become domain name holders, because they realize the power of the name, and the necessity of marking their space in the Internet. And because of that they start battling for domain names, searching and buying the best ones – the shortest, the brightest, the most memorable. Win those who are in time to be the first.

That is why do not lose your chance to get the name you dream your site to have – just register it!

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  • http://www.frozenlemons.com/brands-marketplace.html jason

    The article above is amazing.
    Simple but important/necessary reasons for registering domain names.

    • https://www.domainname.com/ Leah

      Thank you for your feedback, Jason! Basically, it could be reduced to a single sentence: we became “bi-real”, and as Internet creatures, need our own space in the Internet reality.

    • https://www.domainname.com/ Tarnman

      Thanks Jessica! We greatly appreciate your feedback! Should you decide to register a domain – you know just the place for it!

  • Jessica Sommers

    I agree with your ideas. It really is important that domain names are properly registered to avoid any future hassles or difficulties.